New 2017 clothing now available! …. ” TDA Tennis coaches have completely transformed my son’s tennis ” …. ” Without TDA Tennis I don’t think my daughter would still be playing tennis ” …. ” The TDA team have helped my daughter to win her first ever tournament – she is so thrilled ” …. ” TDA Tennis has given me a number of skills away from the courts, including decision-making, time-management and self-esteem that will help me throughout my life ” …. ” My son started playing at another club in the area but needed more time on court with higher level players, which TDA Tennis was uniquely positioned to offer ” …. ” With indoor and outdoor courts at a variety of venues across Cornwall and Devon, TDA Tennis can offer year-round tennis which is a big selling point for me “


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Train Develop Achieve Tennis is Tim Webster, Dan Stuk and Adrian Williams. Between them they have been coaching for over 20 years in a multitude of venues around the world.

Based in venues across Cornwall & Devon, the mission of TDA Tennis is to provide tennis coaching services to aspiring tennis players, whatever their age, goals and ambitions. Utilising a team of professionals to help deliver every aspect of a complete programme, TDA Tennis really is the right choice for tennis coaching in Devon & Cornwall.

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Receiving the best TRAINing is the key to DEVELOPing the skills needed to ACHIEVE your golas


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